Thursday, April 15, 2010

8daysindarkness update

Hello all! It's been an exciting week for us as "Eight Days In Darkness" was picked up by Books-A-Million stores in Indiana and it is selling off the shelves around the state! We are having a book signing at their Kokomo store on May the 1st! Thanks so much for all of the positive feedback and support from everyone! We have been on several radio stations around the country and will hold a book signing this Saturday from 2-5 pm at Don's Books in Kokomo. Anita plans to read a passage from the book there as well and then take questions. Anita is also scheduled to speak on one of the largest Christian radio stations in the country (The Bob Dutko Show out of Detroit) on April 26th. The book is now building quite a fan base and we continue to pray that Anita's amazing story will spread worldwide and help other victims of sexual abuse as well as share God's message!

Angela & Anita

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